Oil Exploration

A Syrian - Belarusian Petroleum Services Company.

About Us


It's A Belarusian petroleum services company, established in 2014, operates within and outside the Belarusian territory. It has been qualified from the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources in Syria to operate within the Syrian territory under Resolution No. 6135 dated 4/12/2019.

Our Interests

Direct detection of oil and gas hydrocarbon accumulations, kept in petroleum traps, which cannot be detected directly by traditional methods of exploration.


Why PetroService?

We uses new methods, for the first time in the world, in the direct exploring of hydrocarbon accumulations, by detecting electromagnetic anomalies fields (EMAF), resulting from these accumulations.

We Contributes very effectively to the sustainable development works seek by all countries.

The method of work is inexpensive with high speed implementation.

We represents a great support for the national economy by providing funds and efforts that would have been spent in vain on exploratory drilling in dry traps, through their high potential in exploring the places of petroleum accumulations.

Company Objectives

Reduce the risk of exploratory risk to a minimum.

Direct oil drilling to the right places and avoid costly drilling operations in dry traps.

Direct detection of the sub-surface traps carrying petroleum, delineation their boundaries, and distinguishing them from dry ones.

Contribute to support the national economy, through the provision of large sums of money, great efforts, and lost time, which would be spent on drilling in dry structures, and through the discovery of petroleum wealth in the bearing traps.


looking to expand its exploratory method in all over the world, particularly in the Middle East.


The renaissance of the oil industry in the Middle East, was rebuilt, developed and expanded in Syria.


Giving priority to local treasures and making the best use of them to achieve self-sufficiency.